Android App Thunkable

Website to APK and Website browsing history Go-Back when pressed Back Button

In this article and video I have explained how to create a Android App from Thunkable using Web-viewer and how to set website browsing history Go-Back when pressed Back Button from your mobile. 01. First take two component for   02. Screen.Initialize with URL  if you want to set 03. When Screen Back Button Pressed, Website […]

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Android App Thunkable

Onclick Start Countdown from 10 to zero and after Timer Finish Button will Appear -Thunkable

In this Article and Video below I have mentioned how you can create an Android App for Count Down system where after time out some action will happen like Finish button will appear, here I am going to show you how you do the same using Thunkable or App Inventor 2, So please follow these […]

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Website Designing

How to add CSS Menu into Blogger 2017 Theme (Blogger CSS Navigation Bar)

Following Steps need to be followed to bring CSS Menu like this. Step 1: First Login to and go to Theme and I have chosen  “Picture Window” because some option may not be available in other Themes. Step 2: Go to “Layout” and Check where is “Cross-Column” and under this click on Add a Gadget as […]

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Android App Thunkable

How to Make a Shayari App – Download Project File + Text Copy to Clipboard

TEXT COPY TO CLIPBOARD Copy all these below codes and paste that in a Notepad file and save that file as : FileName.html ————————————————————— <html> <body> <style> .button8 {background-color: white; color: black; width: 48%; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; padding: 3px 2px; border: 2px solid #2445a2;} </style> <script src=””></script> <script> function copyToClipboard(element) { var $temp = […]

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Android App Thunkable

Thunkable User Login+Sign up with Firebase link+Password Remember System

In this Video I have explained how to create user registration page/ Sign Up / Login page for Android App using Thunkable and Google Firebase to store the data of user. And to do something in Advance we have prepared a project file (.aia) which will allow to save Password/ Remember Password in your mobile […]

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Android App Thunkable

Download Project of Automatic Point/Score added if Click on Finish Button-Thunkable / App Inventor Tutorial

In this Article and below Video I am going to show you how I have created an App using Timer and Tiny_DB which can add 5 Points to user’s Point table, timer will start when click on Start button and after Time Completed, Finish Button will appear and if you click on finish Button Points […]

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