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Where to download copyright-free videos for Youtube

If you want to download Royalty Free Videos for your YouTube, firstly you should not upload other person or company or other third party website’s  contents without his permission, only if you thinking that giving credits to them is enough to use their contents, then your wrong, it is fully illegal way. So, to solve this […]

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Extensions for Thunkable, Makeroid, AppyBuilder & AppInventor

Here you can see a list of extensions that have been developed for the Thunkable, Makeroid, AppyBuilder & AppInventor MIT App Inventor Bluetooth Low Energy Extension Image Processor Extension Rotation Detector Extension Scale Detector Extension Sound Analysis Extension Vector Arithmetic Extension 🤖 Mad Robots Gyro Sensor Extension Sound Extension  Makeblocks Computer Vision Extension mBot Extension Thunkable Microsoft Emotion […]

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How to Lock WhatsApp on Android with full securities.

Features: The password can be entered by two ways: – Numeric Password. – Pattern Lock. ★ App Lock: You can protect other apps from unauthorized access. We suggest protect your apps with contacts and photos. ★ Fake Window: If anyone tries to open Messenger a fake window will be displayed that hides names and photos […]

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यदि आपको ENGLISH नहीं आती तो भी ENGLISH में बात करें

Easiest way to learn English अच्छी English मैं Chatting करिये (Quick English Convert in your Mobile) अब अच्छी English मैं WhatsApp Chat करिये अपने Girl Friends से The easiest way to learn English, English सिखने का सबसे आसान तरीका अब सेही English मैं किसी के साथ भी बातें करिये, Now Speak with anyone with correct […]

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Shero Shayari

Love (प्रेम) हिंदी शायरी -Hindi Shayari, Hindi Romantic Shayari,

दिल ही दिल में तुम्हें प्यार करते हैं, चुप-चाप मोहब्बत का इजहार करते हैं, ये जानते हुए भी आप मेरी किस्मत में नहीं, पर पाने की कोशिश बार-बार करते है। लम्हे ये सुहाने साथ हो न हो, कल में आज ऐसी बात हो न हो, आपसे प्यार हमेशा दिल में रहेगा, चाहे पूरी उम्र मुलाकात […]

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