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7 Pro useful Tips for New YouTubers by Top Indian YouTubers

Following are the collection of some tips which is really helpful for New YouTubers those who trying to become a YouTuber or those who are getting fail on YouTube

01. Keep Patience – No Shortcut – No Copy

Patience is the key to success, because there is no Shortcut to achieve something at sudden, may be possible if you do invest to advertise your channel. Don’t copy any things of other YouTubers or Bloggers

02. Loyalty/Faithful to your Viewers

You Should be faithful to your Viewer, other wise as soon as Subscribers will come and that soon Un-Subscribe your Channel.

03. Be Creative and Do something New

If you do something new with your own Creativity Ideas that will surely help you to increase Views and Subscribers and to Stand-up your Channel in progressive way.

04. Do with your Passion and Dedication and Never Give up

If you want to do YouTube Videos, better to do whatever your Passion is and do dedicate with your work and if you fails Never Give up.

05. Start Channel if able to make 100+ Videos

Start with the Topic if you are able to make Videos more than 100 on that Topic, either a Comedy or Technical, be sure that you are capable to create more than this with same Categary.


06. Just do it – Don’t Fear of anything – (If not started yet)

One thing is that if you still have not started your Channel, then do forget everything, just do it without thinking of any things. Don’t fear that you can’t or what people will think about it.

07. Quick – Quality – Quantity

The last tips is 3Q, First be prompt and be Quickness in your work and do first upload videos and collect the news Fast and First
Quality is also the important part if viewers will not able to listen you or unable to understand the topic, your hard work become Zero. So maintain quality both Audio and Video because YouTube even hate non-quality videos
Quantity means, the numbers of Videos that you can create as many as possible, it will auto help you to increase your Views and Subscribers

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