Make Professional WhatsApp Video Status Android App

All are already been made by us, you just need to download the source Code (AIA file) and just import that into Kodular/Makeroid.
Kodular/Makeroid Link:

This Video Status App is actually getting data from a JSON file.
For demo just check this JSON file:

Test New updated APP:

If you want to update this JSON files through online over a any php server site, you need to
upload these two files. (01. odiatop.json and 02. odiatop.php)

01. odiatop.json (download)
You can import this JSON file in Firebase or any online JSON editor to update or Add new
Data. Also you can do from a PHP hosting server (just upload these two file anywhere in your

02. odiatop.php (Download)
Just upload these two files(01. odiatop.json 02. odiatop.php) anywhere in your website. If you
want to change the file name of .JSON file, you also need to change the codes in
“odiatop.php” (just check the “help.png” image)

Download Category wise JSON File and PHP code to write JSON Data:

Link: VideoStatusAppHelp


AIA Download Link1:
AIA Download Link2 from AIA Pro: All AIA Files are available in this App:

Just go to and import the downloaded AIA
and watch this full Video:




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