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Onclick Start Countdown from 10 to zero and after Timer Finish Button will Appear -Thunkable

In this Article and Video below I have mentioned how you can create an Android App for Count Down system where after time out some action will happen like Finish button will appear, here I am going to show you how you do the same using Thunkable or App Inventor 2, So please follow these steps.01. First open and make some arrangement with On Start Button and Finish Button and On Label.

02. Make above arrangement like as given in the below Components

03. Here I have In-Visible the Arrangement which has the Finish Button, because it will appear after the time finished from 10 to Zero.

04. Herein below are the Block part I have putted to make this App useful and work. If you want to count down from any number just change 10 to any number you like.



Watch this video how I have made it step by step in Hindi Voice

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