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Thunkable User Login+Sign up with Firebase link+Password Remember System

In this Video I have explained how to create user registration page/ Sign Up / Login page for Android App using Thunkable and Google Firebase to store the data of user.
And to do something in Advance we have prepared a project file (.aia) which will allow to save Password/ Remember Password in your mobile if you will tick mark the check box.
Watch these videos for details
How to Link Firebase to your App, Video-1: Sign up data store in Firebase, Video-2: Create Login page and Get data from Firebase, Video-3: Remember Password using Tiny DB, Video-4:

Screen-1 Design:

Normal Login System:

Sign up Design:

Sign up Block to store data:

Login Block with password remember:

In this Block we have input Tiny DB and a Check Box to store data while login.

Download aia Project Link+Test APK File

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